Automate your repetitive tasks

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WatchDirectory automates all your file-based tasks!

Just for example - you can tell watchDirectory to monitor a directory and automatically copy any new files to another location. Or perhaps have it compress (ZIP), email, upload or delete the files. This is all automatic! Never forget to copy that file again!

Run and Forget!

Select a predefined task, tailor it to your needs, then run it and stop worrying. Trust watchDirectory to monitor your directories and respond correctly, time after time.


Remote Control of your Tasks

Use the Wx Remote Control Center to start and stop your WatchDirectory and WatchFTP tasks from one central location - Your Helpdesk.

Also included is a small webserver so you can start and stop task from a browser or your mobile phone!

Save time!

Never have to manually check that directory again! watchDirectory does it for you!
10 minutes saved per day equals 60 hours per year! How much is your time worth?

Real-time response!

watchDirectory responds in real time, as soon a directory changes.
Compare that to manually checking the same directories twice daily - you could be 4 hours late!

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Automate your tasks React to Changes!

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watchDirectory responds to changes in monitored folders by performing a user-defined task. Choose from a list of more than 10 pre-defined tasks to automate your most common business needs.

The list even includes an all-purpose task that lets you run powerful batch (.bat/.cmd) files or Visual Basic Scripts. These let you run thousands of programs, and perform a nearly unlimited number of actions.

watchDirectory is a powerful way to save time and money by automating your most repetitive computer tasks. Click any of the tasks below to see what we meanů

More plugins will be added in the future. All plugins are free for our customers!

Evaluate a fully-functional copy of watchDirectory, free for 30 days. Contact us if you need more time.

(watchDirectory is designed to run on
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Choose between the watchDirectory Standard and Professional editions, then click Buy Now to purchase your copy.

Your purchase is risk-free! Not only can you evaluate watchDirectory for 30 days, but we also have a 30-day Money-back guarantee.

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